May 19, 2008

Summer Outing

We spent our first outing of the summer at the Denver Zoo with friends - our first official summer play date! We got to see a few animals and get some exercise in but with 6 kids ages 4 and under I felt a little out of control. This certainly won't be our last time at the zoo...I bought a season pass!! I just love the zoo and so does my sister, so I know there will be MANY summer days walking around and learning about animals.After the zoo, we decided to stop by and visit Daddy at work.

Kenzie was even nice enough to give him a little gift. She didn't wet her pants....she wet Daddy's!! It was really funny! Daddy was a good sport about it, even though he was too embarrassed to walk us back out to our car...And after such a full morning, the car ride home was just too much...

May 15, 2008


I remember when it happened with my niece and it was only a matter of time before Kenzie discovered how facinating a box of Kleenex can be.

The amazing part...there seems to be an endless supply!

I was going about my day and Kenzie was playing around the house. Suddenly things were very quite so I went to see what my sweet girl was doing and what new things she was learning about.

This is what I found...

But at least they didn't go to waste...And how could I be upset with that face?

May 1, 2008

Fashion Show (Part II)

Well, I must apologize for the delay in getting this posted...and I must let you know that the content of this post is not what it was originally intended to be. I was going to follow up with more pictures of the fashion show, the beautiful table settings, gifts, and a recap of our morning speaker. However, due to the comments and the pictures on my camera that followed the lovely morning, I had no choice but to take this in a new direction. Every time I pulled up the pictures for this post I just started laughing and lost all concentration to get this done. You are in for a real treat! Following the lovely time we had at the Ladies Spring Brunch, we (my sisters, mom and I) all went back to my parent's house to relieve my dad of his babysitting duties (THANKS DAD!!!!) and to go through a few of our belongings. Since my mom and dad are in the process of a MAJOR clean out, my sisters and I have all been instructed to come get our stuff. So, this particular trip was intended to go through the closet containing old formal dresses from past high school homecoming dances, proms, sorority formals, bridesmaids... We pulled them all out, one-by-one each claiming our own and reminiscing each occasion for which they were worn. Angie was the first of the three of us to attend high school dances...take a look...notice the green one on the right in the picture below-this a was a hit back in 1991!!

These (featured in the photo above) were all worn by Angie in High School. They will now be fancy "princess" dresses for the little girls to play dress-up.

Can you tell that they already love them? These little darlings were thrilled to be taking the dresses home...but not before they got a proper trying-on of course...

Strike a pose!

This is one of mine (above) from college...the color was just stunning on this little blonde doll!

A maternity formal? I think not! ...If only you could see the back...

not quite the perfect fit it was 13 years ago!

What a beauty!

What a pair! You can see how special they felt?! Well, this one was mine but Emma loved how sparkly it was!! She looked like a mermaid as she walked out of the room with it trailing behind her.

Okay, saving the best for last...
(This model’s face has been concealed to protect her identity! LOL!!!)Anyone in the mood to dance? We have a few dresses you can borrow! I guess this is our take on "27 dresses" should see the collecion. But...I promise this was the best of the bunch!