December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!


December 19, 2008

The Nutcracker...a gift from my Sugarplum

This Christmas (actually just before) I was the lucky recipient of a thoughtful gift from my sweet hubby! After many years of requesting, this year he surprised me with a wonderful evening out at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House to enjoy an evening performance of The Nutcracker!

It was everything I had hoped!! The beautiful dancing, the enchanting story, the lavish sets and amazing costumes, the perfect was all so very wonderful and dreamy!

I have always loved dancing - of any kind - but what little girl hasn't dreamed of being a ballerina? I always wanted to take ballet and learn to dance on my toes as gracefully as they did tonight! I am amazed at their skill and control. I am in awe of their flexibility and sculpted bodies - their gracefulness is truly a sight to behold!

I did eventually take a ballet college! It was really fun and besides learning some steps and movements, my favorite part was getting my very own pair of ballet slippers! ...Never did get those toe-shoes though!

I would love nothing more than to make this a family holiday tradition for years to come. Whether it be The Nutcracker, Colorado Symphony, or any other Christmastime performance - I think it would be a wonderful experience to share with my family!

December 1, 2008

Working on another redesign...

A work in progress...stay tuned!

November 29, 2008

Case of the Missing Flashlight

I use a small Maglight Flashlight by my beside to read at night in an effort to not keep my hubby up with the lights on when he's already gone to bed...for my birthday he had promised me a booklight but for now, this is what works. Or should I say worked until it came up missing...

I went to crawl in to bed the other night, got snuggled up with a good book, reached for my flashlight and - gone. I got up, searched high and low, inside and under anything I could think of. Where could I have left it? Even after Justin's help looking that night we could not find the missing light. We went to bed - unable to read for the night without it, and I was left tossing and turning trying to think of where it might have gone to.

The next day we spent half the day looking for it again. I get so frustrated when I'm looking for something and can't find it. My condo isn't that big - how do things just disappear?

Several hours later I was preparing dinner in the kitchen. I went to grab something out of the freezer only to find this:
What in the world? Well, along came the culprit... All I could do was laugh because I know my sweet Kenzie can't open the freezer so she must have slipped it in right under my nose the night before. It was so cold and the light wouldn't work when I tried to turn it on.

...Once it thawed out, it did work again! ...Still waiting on that booklight.

November 11, 2008

Babe In A Fast Car...The Wind Blowing Through Her Hair

We took our sweet Kenzie to get her first "official" haircut at a darling little salon:

Her stylist, Haley did such a good job...and the pink sucker was the perfect distraction to help Kenzie sit still (enough) to get the job done!

The pictures speak for she is:
Babe (Kenzie) in a fast car (Mercedes)...The Wind Blowing (Hair Dryer) Through Her Hair

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!

October 17, 2008

ABC Meme...Thanks Ang!

This was a fun one!! Thanks!

A- Available or Single: N/A...I'm a married woman!
B- Beach or Lake: Lake
C- Cake or Pie? Cake
D- Drink of Choice: Starbucks Non-fat Caramel Macchiato
E- Essential Item you use every day: Eyelash Curler
F- Favorite Color: Pink
G- Gummy bears or Worms: Worms
H- Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO
I- Indulgence: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, Yum!
J- January or February: February... it's Kenzie's birth month!
K- Kids & Names: Mackenzie Ray ("Kenzie")
L- Life is Incomplete without: Jesus
M- Marriage Date: September 21st, 2002
N- Number of Siblings- Two sisters: Angie & Abby
O- Oranges or apples: Apples
P- Phobias: Walking on metal grates...don't ask, I'm just weird!
Q- Fave Quote: don't have one...or can't think of one right now.
R- Reason to Smile: Kenzie!
S- Season: Fall 100%...too bad its so short!
T- Tag 3 or 4 people: Michelle, Krista, Mom, Jen
U- Unknown fact about me: I've had a warrant out for my arrest...true story.
V- Vegetable you don't like: Beets. I'm with Angie, Ewww.
W- Worst Habit: Guilty, I too am a "late" person.
X- Xrays: Several on various parts of my body...starting in Kindergarten through my senior year of H.S. Since then they've just been for my teeth. That's a story for another day!
Y- Your favorite food: Red Robin "Whisky River BBQ Chicken Burger"
Z- Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

October 16, 2008

Fall Colors & Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Today Angie and I took the kiddos to enjoy a picnic in the park surrounded by beautiful Fall Colors! Fall is my favorite time of year - I just love the smell in the air, the leaves on the ground and blowing across the streets. I love the varying colors of the trees and fields and the way the contrast against the perfect blue sky! It just never seems to last long enough!! I wish I could preserve a fall day in a bottle to catch a glimpse of year round! I guess that's why I got married in the just makes me so happy!

The girls loved running and exploring - there was a huge hill to climb and run down, a bridge to cross high above a beautiful creek. Picture perfect!

After the park we headed off in search of a pumpkin patch! We had promised the girls we'd take them to one and Angie knew of a sweet little patch just off the road. The best part is that it was free! We missed the driver giving hay rides but we were still able to take the kiddos for a ride in a wagon...of course they realized it was more fun to walk so the wagon was quickly ditched!

This was a wonderful place to take pictures...unlike what we find around our house, it was a real-life pumpkin patch with pumpkins still growing on the vine! Angie and I joked that all we remember doing growing up is picking our pumpkins out at the local grocery stores each year! Although we still "buy" our pumpkins at the grocery stores (cheaper), we still have to visit a real patch for the fun and photos! Lucky for Angie, she lives close to so many of them in the "country" it's easy to track one down!

We enjoyed finding many pumpkins of all sizes, a corn maze, hay bales and scarecrows!
The kids loved it! It was a gorgeous day!

Happy Fall!!

October 5, 2008

And the WINNER is...

Thanks to you gals that wrote with suggestions!! I loved the names you gave - they were relevant, creative and...entertaining!

See for yourself:

“Kins Kreations”
Sew-made DeSigns APE DeSigns - (monkey logo)
Kins DeSigns
Sweet StylesStay-At-Home StylesTender TrendsMotherly Mode
Tot Trends
Classy Baby
Jake's Place
Handmaiden Colorado
"Handmaiden Heaven" (or Littleton? or HR? or ???)
Stuff by Amy
Sew WhatchootalkinaboutWillis?
In Stitches (because I keep you in them, right?)
Frayed Sew (like "'fraid so" but then maybe you'd have to start fraying things, which would work if you did a rag blanket or something)
Knot Sew Fast (can you come up with a project with knots?)
Sew What?
Sew Cute
Kneadles (you could sew up some bags to carry bread in... heaven knows I could use one or nine)Pins and Needles
Needles and Stitches (hopefully people won't think you're in the hospital business)
Amy's Originals
Jeepyshaneepylu's Junk (wait that's my garage sale business)
Banana Taking a Bath
Pizza Box
Button Hole Productions
Chirping Cricket Creations
Spicy Sugar OR Sugar-n-Spice
Everything Nice
KREations (see kenzie's initials?)
Ensign's Designs
Ensign Designs
Design by Ensign
Some of my own...
Roo Bags (cause I always call Kenz "Kenz-a-Roo")
Roo Bags & Burp Rags
Bags“kins” / Bagskins
Sweetly Blessed
Amy Everyday (play with my "AE" initials)
A little of Everything

...and to answer Meghan's question, my prices are:

Reversible Tote Bag - $25
Zippy - $5
Diaper Pouch - $7
Burp Cloth - $4.50 / 2 for $7
Baby Blanket - $24
Baby Bib - $2.50
Hair Bows - $2 / 3 for $5

Thanks again lovely I have tough decision!

Drum Roll Please...

Congratulations!! - Please e-mail me with your mailing address...

September 28, 2008


Due to popular demand...(and lack of responses) the contest has been extended until Friday, October 3rd.

I am still in need of a name for my handmade items (see prior post). So, if you'd like to enter, simply leave a comment with your naming suggestion. If you comment with a suggestion, your name will be entered to win a free Tote Bag!!

On Friday, Ocober 3rd I will toss all comments in a hat for the random drawing to win one of my tote bags for free!!

Again, be creative and thanks for the help!!
**Thank you Natalie for your suggestions...You're on the right track and I like your ideas!**

September 22, 2008

CONTEST...Need A Name!

I am starting a contest in search of a name! I am making handmade items that I would like to sell (already selling a few!) but I need a name for my "company"...

Here are the items I am making right now:
-Tote Bag
-Diaper Pouch
-Burp Cloth
-Blanket (baby)

Photo below contains a sample of all items listed above
*other colors/fabrics available!
If you'd like to enter, simply leave a comment with your naming suggestion. If you comment with a suggestion, your name will be entered to win a free Tote Bag!!
On Friday, September 27th I will toss all comments in a hat for the random drawing!
Be creative and thanks for the help!!

September 21, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

It's our Anniversary weekend away! We celebrated our 6th Anniversary with a weekend in the mountains spent at my company's mountain house in Silverthorne, CO. We invited the entire family along to enjoy the beautiful 5 bedroom house with us!

We enjoyed the first day/night to at the Outlet Mall, relaxing at the house playing pool, watching TV, and soaking in the hot tub. It was nice to be away, feel relaxed and enjoy the quiteness of the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

My sisters joined us with the kids and we had even more fun playing games, shopping (again) and we even ventured out for a nice walk/hike...unfortunately it started raining when we were only about 100 feet from the house so we turned back, but not before snapping a few photos!

My parents joined us for one night too...we had dinner together, baked cookies and played games. It was my hope that everyone could escape for at least one night to enjoy this wonderful gift with us!

I Love You!

September 15, 2008

Freezing Peaches

It's that time of year...Fresh Peaches!!

Every year I try to pick wonderful peaches at the grocery store and am always disappointed when I get home to find a less that ripe peach to bite into. Well, ever since my sister told me about it, I now order my peaches from the "Peach Lady" and anticipate August/September every year!

Usually I split a box with my Mom but this time I made it a priority to purchase a whole box (25 pounds) and freeze some to enjoy the whole year through!

So, at my first attempt to freeze my own peaches I decided to document this occasion with some colorful pictures that will leave your mouth watering!

Necessary ingredients, storage bags
Step 1: Wash, then boil peaches for 20-45 seconds
Step 2: Immerse boiled peaches in ice water for several minutes
Step 3: Remove fleshy peach should literally just fall/peel off!
Peeled Peaches ready to be sliced!Step 4: Mix juice of choice &"Fruit Fresh"Step 5: Add liquid mixture to sliced peachesStep 6: Place desired amount of sliced peaches in freezer bag and cover with liquid mixtureStep 7: Remove Air, Seal and Label bags ready for freezer!And it never hurts to have a little help eating the leftovers!!

August 14, 2008

The Produce Poser

Yes, that 's me...that's what my mom called me when I told her the tale of my watermelon.

I was at the grocery store the other day picking up a few items for dinner when I was drawn by the wonderfully bright colors of the produce department. Now that I'm in a contest to lose weight (more on the in an upcoming post), I have been craving fruit like you wouldn't believe. I love summertime and the delicious melons that are on display...they just call to me. My daughter is the same and can demolish cantalope, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and yes, watermelon as quickly as I can give it to her.

During this particular trip I decided to splurge on a small-sized seedless, watermelon. As I approached the cardboard bin where they were kept another lady was also suveying the selection. I thought to myself, "how does one go about picking the perfect, sweet, ripe watermelon?" I wasn't sure - I usually just go for one that has a nice shape and looks pretty. Suddenly the lady standing there with me began picking them up and knocking on each of them until she found one she liked. So, I too began knocking on each one I picked up to view. What was the point? What was I supposed to hear? I felt silly knocking on the melons and wondered if others were looking at me wondering what the heck I was doing or maybe they were thinking (just as I had) that I must really know something. I finally settled on one - not completely sure if it was going to be ripe and I went on my merry way.

To my luck, it turned out to be a perfect pick...but rest asurred that since that trip I have researched the right way to pick a watermelon so as not to be a "Produce Poser" again!

Picking a Perfect Watermelon:

Things You’ll Need:
- Knuckles

Step 1: "Knock" on the watermelon.
Step 2: Listen for a hollow, empty sound. It should not sound solid or dense.
Step 3: Knock on as many watermelons as you wish. Select the one that has the most hollow sound.

August 8, 2008

08/08/08...Welcome Sweet Brody Boy!

Welcome to the world Sweet Brody Boy!

At 4:38 pm Brody Osborne was welcomed into the world by his very loving family! He is perfect from head to toes...our God is SO good!
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3
Loved by his parents...
Loved by his Mom...
Loved by his Dad...
Loved by his sisters...
and small...
Loved by Grammy and PaPa...
Loved by Grandma...
(we missed you Grandpa!)
Loved by his Aunts...
We are so glad he is finally here! We've waited a long time for this sweet little one to bless our lives, fill holes in our hearts, give us hope as well as understanding. It never ceases to amaze me what a miracle the gift of life is. God's creation is beyond our wildest dreams and this little life has already blessed us beyond measure!

Aunt "Mamie" & Uncle "Pokes"

(check out the time stamp...I didn't really post it at that time I just thought it would be cool!)

July 29, 2008


The other day I was trying to teach Kenzie about "cleaning-up". I asked her to put all of her toys in the basket. Well...she heard "in the basket" but might have missed what I said was supposed to go into it because I turned around to find this:

What a silly-goose!

July 19, 2008

Southern Living At Home...Take TWO!

I've been a Southern Living At Home consultant for almost SIX years and let's just say it hasn't been the most productive... I love the company, what they promote, the women, the friendships and of course the products!!

As life got busy, I put my participation with SLAH on the backburner. Well, I'm excited to announce I have the new Fall Catalog for 2008 and sales start August 1st! The products are amazing, the catalog is beautiful and it's time to share all of this with you!

I would love to jump-start my home business again and host parties! It is my goal to do several parties between now and next January...that's where I need your help! If you are interested in seeing the new products, gathering your friends together and having a good time (and possibly earn free products) you need to contact me today!
If you live near the Denver, CO area and want to host a party...let me know. You also have the option of a Catalog Party that only requires you to gather orders from people you think might be interested and you get all of the benefits of those sales without the hassle of hosting a party in your home! Contact me today...our beautiful line of products await you!

July 18, 2008

Getting Crafty...

Not that I have spare time on my hands but lately I've felt the need to test my "craft" skills...

I crocheted this baby blanket for a friend. It took me 1 week to complete start to finish and of course I completed the last round the morning of her baby shower...nothing like cutting it close! Whew! It was made using "Baby Bee" Sweet Delight baby yarn in the shade, "Little Princess" (bought at Hobby Lobby) I love how it turned out!! I hope she and her baby love it as much as I love the blankie my sister made for Kenzie!

I also made her some (girl) Cloth-Diaper Burp-Cloths...but gave them to her before I got the chance to take pictures. I have another (boy) set ready to be made and will post those pictures once I do!

Close-up Detail...
Next, I moved on to sewing...I made this wonderful Reversible Tote, and matching Zippy and Diaper/Wipes Pouch from a beautiful (girly) fabric from one of my favorite stores, Denver Fabrics. (This place has the potential to make me poor - unless of course I start to sell my bags...hmmmm, I'll have to work on my skill as these were my first!)

...It was the perfect carry-on bag for my trip to Minneapolis last week!!

I am now very excited to start my next set of Reversible Totes using this fabric (enough for 2 bags - one to keep & one to give as a gift??)

...and these fabrics (enough for one more reversible bag)...

If you feel inspired...Happy Crafting!!

July 17, 2008

Minneapolis 2008

We just got back from our trip to Minneapolis earlier this week. This was Kenzie's first airplane ride and she did GREAT! From many helpful suggestions, I was prepared with new toys and new snacks to help keep her entertained for the 2 hour ride. Kenzie is generally a sweet, sweet girl and through this adventure she prooved to be nothing less. She only started crying about 10 minutes before landing in Minneapolis - that only lasted 5 minutes - then she fell fast asleep and wasn't even phased by the landing. This is how I held her from the time I stepped off the plane until my Mother-in-Law picked us up... Right after we landed we headed to a Birthday dinner for Justin's Grandma. It was her 83rd birthday and she nor the rest of the extended family had met Kenzie! They all loved her and despite my fears because of the long day we'd had, she responded well to meeting so many new people and was extremely well behaved at the restaurant too! Boy are we blessed!!
We attended an outdoor children's music concert at a nearby park...although the music was playing, it mostly served as background music to the exploring Kenzie and her Grandma did. She was a very busy little girl...
...and found many interesting things to look at.We shared a room with Kenzie at Grandma's house. This was funny because it is rare that Kenzie gets to wake up in the same room as mommy and daddy. Kenzie thought it was funny...but mommy didn't when it was 4:00am and she is standing in the crib at the end of our bed saying "Hi" and "Mommy". Okay, I'll admit, it was a funny site to see waking up to this every morning! Who wouldn't wake with a smile!? The crib she got to sleep in was actually Justin's crib from when he was a baby!We spent one day at a nearby lake. Justin's brother and his wife came to town too and brought their darling twin boys. We hadn't seen them in almost a year (they're only 3 months younger than Kenzie). The kiddos all loved playing in the sand together! Look at my bathing beauty...what a cutie if I do say so myself! I just LOVE beach pictures!
Below: Kenzie playing with cousins, Jakson and Connor and Aunt Megan.

Walking on the beach with Daddy...We spent a day of my choice shopping at the Mall of America and IKEA. I was so excited since I had never been to either one! I was thrilled that the Mall of America had one of my favorite stores, H&M!! C'mon, when does Colorado get one??

Justin's mom also treated us to the Underwater Adventures Aquarium at the Mall of America. This was SO neat! I normally don't like fish all that much but this was truly amazing! (Thanks Sue!) Kenzie actually really enjoyed it too...and learned how to say "fishies", of course it sounds more like "ishies" when she says it.
Family picture in the land display portion of the exhibit:
Just a few photos of the things we got to see...
Beautiful live coral...
Piranha! Weird how they all just floated in place, evenly was a little eerie!
Before the cousins left, Grandma wanted a picture with her three grandchildren. Not such a great morning to do it as all three had woken up on the grumpy side. When one started to cry, it was all over from there! At least Grandma Sue thought it was funny!
Later, she was able to get some sweet snuggle time in with Kenzie. I guess Kenz just prefers Grandma one-on-one...she's a cuddle bug!One of the reasons we chose this particular week to visit was for the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Justin wanted to participate in. This was his third race of the season and his first ever out of state! The family came out to watch...Aunt Janis, Uncle Jim, Jeremy & Megan & the boys, Sue, Anita, Kenzie and I. Thanks for the support everyone!

Pictures from the race:
Done with the swim, out of the water...Coming in on the bike... Finishing with the run...
All in all, we had a great time. The weather was actually quite wonderful and it was fabulous to see all of the family and let them finally meet our sweet Kenzie.

The airplane ride home was just as great as the one out there. Kenzie handled it like a champ and once again fell asleep just in time for landing. What a stinker! She was really tired though and spent the bus ride home from the airport like this...