April 29, 2008

Fashion Show (Spring Brunch Part I)

The fashion show for the Ladies Spring Brunch was great! We had so much fun - the music was wonderful, the food was delicious, the speaker was good and all of the dressed up ladies were beautiful in their bright spring colors! It was fun to be part of the show and I received many compliments about the outfit I modeled the following day at church. I wasn't able to get great pictures of it but I'm posting the best of what we got...

Shirt I bought for $4.00 - below (cropped my head out of this because I was making a funny face!)

Close-up on the fabric of the shirt...

Cathy, Mindy and I (below)

Me, Angie, Abby & Mom (below)

So, as you can see the spray tan turned out great! I felt like I had good natural color and didn't have to blind everyone with my winter whiteness!! Also, (as Sarah said) I didn't look like an Oompa-Loompa either! :)

April 25, 2008

Summer Color

No, I don't mean the beautiful colors of trees starting to bloom, tulips popping, colorful flower beds and blue skies...I mean Spray Tan! I can't believe I did it but it was a must! Tomorrow morning I am modeling in a fashion show at the Ladies Spring Brunch for my church. I couldn't think about strolling the catwalk looking pasty white in front of all those ladies- embarrassing!! I went in this morning for my first experience of spray tanning. It was actually kind of fun (if that sort of thing is considered fun?). I guess perhaps "interesting" better describes it. I walked out looking like I had a very subtle "glow" and throughout the day I've seen my "tan" progress to a nice, natural color. I hope it looks good tomorrow...

The spring brunch Fashion Show segment takes an interesting twist...each model was told to take $20 and shop at our favorite discount, thrift or consignment store to find our outfit. We were allowed to use our own jewelry and shoes but the rest was up to us to find. I ended up finding a cute top at Plato's Closet and some dressy capri's at Ross. I am wearing shoes I wore in my sister's wedding and cute jewelry from Kohl's. Some of the other models found their outfits at Nordstrom Rack, Goodwill, Savers, and Mile High Thrift. I'll try to post pictures following the event tomorrow if I can. It should be fun!

April 24, 2008

More About Me...(Tagged)

Since my sister knows I am always looking for things to blog about, I must answer her tag. So, here it goes...

What I was doing 10 years ago: 1998... I was getting ready to graduate from High School, "breaking-up" with my on-and-off boyfriend of 5 years since we were going to different colleges - I was gearing up for life at CU Boulder! So probably about now I was preparing for final exams and looking forward to summer. Oh! I was also getting ready to travel for the summer with USA (United Spirit Association) as a "professional cheerleader" leading/attending summer camps in California, Utah, and Colorado. (I continued to do this for 2 summers following H.S. - I'll post pictures...oh the glory days!) ...Wow, 10 year reunion this summer!!

Five things on my to do list for today:
1. Check in with work (e-mails, phone messages, general work stuff...and probably some blogging too!)
2. Bathe Kenzie...this new independence while eating has really done a number on her hair! Daily baths are going to become a must for this little one!
3. Take a walk
4. Go to the zoo with Angie and the girls?? Um, what happened to that plan Ang??
5. Watch Grey's Anatomy!! Woo Hoo...it's back tonight!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Well, like Angie, I would also give a ton of money away. As she said, who needs that much money? I would then buy a nice house, set some aside for kids' college, maybe go back to school myself...Ph.D. in Child Psychology doesn't sound too bad?, help my family out with debt & a few wants they all have, travel - Kauai & Australia would be musts! Who knows...whatever the Lord called me to do!

Three of my bad habits:
1. I'm usually late - I have a problem with sleeping in
2. I stay up too late at night - probably why I have a problem with sleeping in!
3. I'm not very good at keeping my house clean...but, it's clean right now!! :)

Five places I have lived:
1. Highlands Ranch, CO
2. Boulder, CO
3. Englewood, CO
4. Littleton, CO
5. ??
*Born in Englewood, moved to Highlands Ranch, School in Boulder, back to Highlands Ranch, Married - moved to Littleton, moved next door to my Grandparents in Englewood, then bought a condo that took us back to Littleton. Who knows where to next...How exciting am I?!

Five jobs I have had:
1. Waitress at a cafe
2. Bookstore Clerk (Christian Bookstore in college)
3. Preschool Teacher (4 year-olds)
4. Chiropractic Assistant
5. Insurance Assistant/Customer Service (current job)

So there ya have it...hopefully you learned something new about me! Have a great day!!

April 22, 2008


Warm weather seems to motivate me in a number of ways...
I feel the need to clean - the house, closets, cars, etc, organize, rearrange, read, pray, excercise and just "freshen up" in general - Spring Cleaning I guess!! So, I decided to do the same to my Blog! Ta-Da!! I hope it makes you smile because I love it!

In addition to these things I did the same for myself. In March, right before Easter (I know, right about now you're thinking, "Whoa Amy, what happened to your timelines!?!" - but don't worry, I'm trying to get over that!) I decided to bite the bullet and cut my hair. Sure, no big deal for most but for me...it was!! I have had the same "style" since high school and after having a baby, gaining weight (Grrr) and generally feeling like I needed a change - I went for it!!

I chopped 12 inches off!!! I was feeling called to donate my hair to Locks of Love and thought why not now? This is something I have always wanted to do!

So here it is...a makeover to my Blog, and a makeover for me! Yay!

April 17, 2008

Tank Tops to Turtlenecks...

I heard on the news this morning during the weather segment. "Tank Tops to Turtlenecks"...how sad!! That's Colorado weather for ya! In the 80's one day to the 30's the next. Well, we took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL, warm weather on Tuesday by having playgroup at the park!

Kenzie is getting so big and loves to explore, climb, slide, swing...Here's a look at a few of our adventures in the sunny weather!

and then, not even 24 hours later...

April 15, 2008

The "Get You!" Game

Sweet Mackenzie, it's amazing how her innocence and laughter from such simple pleasures can make my heart jump for joy!! The other day I spent an afternoon engaging in one of my favorite pastimes, playing with my darling daughter - as I do many afternoons. In our quiet, simple home the two of us can find moments where nothing else in the world matters. We can sit and relax while watching TV, roll about the floor tickling her silly little toes, tumble on the couches, play with her numerous toys or our most favorite...play "Get You" behind the love seat!

I captured these precious moments on film most recently because her face and laughter are the things of my heart I hope never to forget or take for granted. Nothing is more fun with my little one than seeing the anticipation that builds from the depths of her belly as I say, "I'm gonna get you!" and chase her behind the love seat where she becomes trapped between that and the sliding glass door. Her guttural growls turn in to full laughter as I sneak up behind her and tickle her collarbone (got that from her momma!), tummy and legs once there is no where else to get away to.

I simply love the sound of her laughter! Hearing that sound puts an instant smile on my face and her face shows proof of the pure joy she is experiencing in those moments.

April 4, 2008


"Just as this ring has no end to it, because it's a circle, my love for you will never end...With this ring I give you all my love, all my devotion, all my trust and by God's grace I hope to be everything God intended me to be as a mate."

Those were the vows Justin and I said to each other on our wedding day as we exchanged our rings - symbols of love and devotion, carefully chosen to one another's liking. I remember seeing the beautiful ring Justin had chosen for me the day he proposed and besides the fluttering in my heart I remember the feelings I had, thinking how well he really knew me -- to pick a ring that was so totally me!
We chose his ring to compliment mine and with the qualities he wanted. Unique yet masculine. No stones due to his line of work at the time but a design that was simple yet eye-catching. I love our rings!!
And now we have two more...

Justin received his Dad's ring right after he died in March of 2004. It was something to look at/wear and remember him by. Justin remembers seeing how smooth the ring had become over the years and recalls the story his mom told him about how his dad joked that he had worked twice as hard as she had - that was why it was worn down more. Justin thinks about all the things his Dad did in his lifetime and how capable he had been when he was healthy. His Dad was helpful, always giving of his time and abilities to have an effect on people in some way. He was a teacher, coach, husband, Dad, artist, wood-worker, carver...so many things to so many people.

Justin's parents, Sue and Gary were married in 1976 (I think) - 28 years until Gary passed away. Sue had always told me that as her first daughter-in-law, she wanted me to have her wedding ring someday. So, in February when she came for a visit she gave me her ring - the time had come for her to part with it. She hadn't worn it for some time but felt the need to keep it for a while. I was surprised when she brought it and gave it to me. I am thankful to have the ring as I know it means a lot to Justin to have these small symbols of his parent's love. So, though the rings are no longer on the fingers to which they were placed, they are together and complete - a forever symbol of love two people had for one another.