April 5, 2013

Kenzie on Skis!

It was a beautiful Colorado day!
The drive to Loveland Ski Resort provided a true Colorado experience...we left 70 degree weather for a perfect spring day in the 50's on the slopes.  We saw deer, elk, bighorn sheep and buffalo while taking in the sights of our magnificent mountains! 
Nothing makes me appreciate God's glory more than the beautiful land He spread out before us!
The views from the chair lift on the "bunny" slope...
Getting ready to go...
Nothing beats a chairlift ride with your best friend!
These are the conversations I'd love to hear...playing "I Spy" and shouting "necklace" every time they passed a tree that someone had thrown a beaded necklace onto from the lift. Such sweet silly games and innocent conversations. The beginnings of a lifelong friendship - so thankful for this one and her precious family that we've known for over 10 years before our babies were even born!
After a full day of lessons, Kenzie was ready to show us her stuff!

Race you down!

Picture with Daddy at the top of the "Bunny" hill

Kenzie was excited to show us
"The Rainbow Trail"
... "cool, awesome, bumpy!"...in the words of Kenzie!
(I think she liked it!) 

When you get a little stuck it's nice to have a daddy to "pole" you out!

She mastered the chair lift  on her own too! Pro!

And if you're day doesn't end like this...you haven't skied hard enough!