October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!

October 17, 2008

ABC Meme...Thanks Ang!

This was a fun one!! Thanks!

A- Available or Single: N/A...I'm a married woman!
B- Beach or Lake: Lake
C- Cake or Pie? Cake
D- Drink of Choice: Starbucks Non-fat Caramel Macchiato
E- Essential Item you use every day: Eyelash Curler
F- Favorite Color: Pink
G- Gummy bears or Worms: Worms
H- Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO
I- Indulgence: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, Yum!
J- January or February: February... it's Kenzie's birth month!
K- Kids & Names: Mackenzie Ray ("Kenzie")
L- Life is Incomplete without: Jesus
M- Marriage Date: September 21st, 2002
N- Number of Siblings- Two sisters: Angie & Abby
O- Oranges or apples: Apples
P- Phobias: Walking on metal grates...don't ask, I'm just weird!
Q- Fave Quote: don't have one...or can't think of one right now.
R- Reason to Smile: Kenzie!
S- Season: Fall 100%...too bad its so short!
T- Tag 3 or 4 people: Michelle, Krista, Mom, Jen
U- Unknown fact about me: I've had a warrant out for my arrest...true story.
V- Vegetable you don't like: Beets. I'm with Angie, Ewww.
W- Worst Habit: Guilty, I too am a "late" person.
X- Xrays: Several on various parts of my body...starting in Kindergarten through my senior year of H.S. Since then they've just been for my teeth. That's a story for another day!
Y- Your favorite food: Red Robin "Whisky River BBQ Chicken Burger"
Z- Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

October 16, 2008

Fall Colors & Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Today Angie and I took the kiddos to enjoy a picnic in the park surrounded by beautiful Fall Colors! Fall is my favorite time of year - I just love the smell in the air, the leaves on the ground and blowing across the streets. I love the varying colors of the trees and fields and the way the contrast against the perfect blue sky! It just never seems to last long enough!! I wish I could preserve a fall day in a bottle to catch a glimpse of year round! I guess that's why I got married in the fall...it just makes me so happy!

The girls loved running and exploring - there was a huge hill to climb and run down, a bridge to cross high above a beautiful creek. Picture perfect!

After the park we headed off in search of a pumpkin patch! We had promised the girls we'd take them to one and Angie knew of a sweet little patch just off the road. The best part is that it was free! We missed the driver giving hay rides but we were still able to take the kiddos for a ride in a wagon...of course they realized it was more fun to walk so the wagon was quickly ditched!

This was a wonderful place to take pictures...unlike what we find around our house, it was a real-life pumpkin patch with pumpkins still growing on the vine! Angie and I joked that all we remember doing growing up is picking our pumpkins out at the local grocery stores each year! Although we still "buy" our pumpkins at the grocery stores (cheaper), we still have to visit a real patch for the fun and photos! Lucky for Angie, she lives close to so many of them in the "country" it's easy to track one down!

We enjoyed finding many pumpkins of all sizes, a corn maze, hay bales and scarecrows!
The kids loved it! It was a gorgeous day!

Happy Fall!!

October 5, 2008

And the WINNER is...

Thanks to you gals that wrote with suggestions!! I loved the names you gave - they were relevant, creative and...entertaining!

See for yourself:

“Kins Kreations”
Sew-made DeSigns APE DeSigns - (monkey logo)
Kins DeSigns
Sweet StylesStay-At-Home StylesTender TrendsMotherly Mode
Tot Trends
Classy Baby
Jake's Place
Handmaiden Colorado
"Handmaiden Heaven" (or Littleton? or HR? or ???)
Stuff by Amy
Sew WhatchootalkinaboutWillis?
In Stitches (because I keep you in them, right?)
Frayed Sew (like "'fraid so" but then maybe you'd have to start fraying things, which would work if you did a rag blanket or something)
Knot Sew Fast (can you come up with a project with knots?)
Sew What?
Sew Cute
Kneadles (you could sew up some bags to carry bread in... heaven knows I could use one or nine)Pins and Needles
Needles and Stitches (hopefully people won't think you're in the hospital business)
Amy's Originals
Jeepyshaneepylu's Junk (wait that's my garage sale business)
Banana Taking a Bath
Pizza Box
Button Hole Productions
Chirping Cricket Creations
Spicy Sugar OR Sugar-n-Spice
Everything Nice
KREations (see kenzie's initials?)
Ensign's Designs
Ensign Designs
Design by Ensign
Some of my own...
Roo Bags (cause I always call Kenz "Kenz-a-Roo")
Roo Bags & Burp Rags
Bags“kins” / Bagskins
Sweetly Blessed
Amy Everyday (play with my "AE" initials)
A little of Everything

...and to answer Meghan's question, my prices are:

Reversible Tote Bag - $25
Zippy - $5
Diaper Pouch - $7
Burp Cloth - $4.50 / 2 for $7
Baby Blanket - $24
Baby Bib - $2.50
Hair Bows - $2 / 3 for $5

Thanks again lovely ladies...now I have tough decision!

Drum Roll Please...

Congratulations!! - Please e-mail me with your mailing address... jakensign@msn.com