January 30, 2008

It Strikes Again!

STREP THROAT!!! UGH! It struck again...how I seem to get it is beyond me but somehow it finds its way to my lumpy, bumpy tonscils and makes a home. I've felt crummy since last Friday when I thought it was just a minor cold. I never really felt that bad and actually I thought it was getting better until last night (of course the night before I'm supposed to join my sister and new bloggy friends for lunch- bummer). I went to bed with an inkling that it was more than just an annoying cold...and I actually dreamt I had strep. So, first thing this morning I got up and called for an appointment! ...Not messing around this time after the Strep of all Strep cases in 2006. January 21st 2006- a date that will forever be a pain in my neck, literally!!

Two years ago I had the worst case of strep my Dr. said he had ever seen! You know it's bad when your doctor looks at it, won't even swab it and asks you to close your mouth because it's the nastiest thing he's ever seen. Think I'm exaggerating? I promise I'm not! It was so bad it actually sent me to the ER with a high fever, vomiting and pain so bad I couldn't eat. I lost 12 pounds...though not a diet method I'd reccommend! After the antibiotics I'd been taking had clearly failed, I ended up getting a Penicilin shot in the rump but it did the trick! Whew! Serioulsy, it was SO bad I actually had my husband take pictures because I almost couldn't believe it myself! I was going to post the pictures but looking at them again just turned my stomach so I thought I'd spare you the details and just let you take my word for it. Yuck!

So, no messing around this time...got the culture this morning and started antibiotics today. I should be over this soon and hopefully it will be another two years (or more) before it strikes again!

January 3, 2008

It Should Have Been Today...

Well, it seems impossible that 4 months have passed since we lost Joshua and it should have been today...the day we were supposed to meet him and celebrate his birth. January 3rd: a date that has brought tears and heartache to our dear Angie and Gary. A day we knew would come and a day we've prayed for strength for. I spent the day (along with mom and Abby) in Erie playing/running errands with Emma and Addie so Angie and Gary could have some time alone to reflect, cry, talk, pray...whatever they needed without distraction. There wasn't much to talk about, what was there to say? How do you console or even try to imagine or understand what they must be feeling when it's something I haven't experienced? All I can do is listen when they're willing to talk, lend my time when they need it and help where/when necessary. That's what today was for.

We had a good day though...the girls were great! We played, laughed, shopped and ate lunch...and slept on the way home when all was said and done. I wish I'd had my camera to capture the beauty of our three sleeping girls! Just darling!!

With this day now behind us, my prayer is that Angie and Gary can celebrate life and the joys that are ahead. They got the good news that they are expecting again. A new life to nurture, another chance to continue to grow they're family and a mark that life does go on! God is good!