January 3, 2008

It Should Have Been Today...

Well, it seems impossible that 4 months have passed since we lost Joshua and it should have been today...the day we were supposed to meet him and celebrate his birth. January 3rd: a date that has brought tears and heartache to our dear Angie and Gary. A day we knew would come and a day we've prayed for strength for. I spent the day (along with mom and Abby) in Erie playing/running errands with Emma and Addie so Angie and Gary could have some time alone to reflect, cry, talk, pray...whatever they needed without distraction. There wasn't much to talk about, what was there to say? How do you console or even try to imagine or understand what they must be feeling when it's something I haven't experienced? All I can do is listen when they're willing to talk, lend my time when they need it and help where/when necessary. That's what today was for.

We had a good day though...the girls were great! We played, laughed, shopped and ate lunch...and slept on the way home when all was said and done. I wish I'd had my camera to capture the beauty of our three sleeping girls! Just darling!!

With this day now behind us, my prayer is that Angie and Gary can celebrate life and the joys that are ahead. They got the good news that they are expecting again. A new life to nurture, another chance to continue to grow they're family and a mark that life does go on! God is good!

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Angie said...

Thanks, Amy. That was sweet.

But pssst... only 4 months have passed. :)

Also, nobody knows I'm pregnant again except family and Michelle (she's family, right?) so now I guess the millions that read your blog will know too. :)