April 4, 2008


"Just as this ring has no end to it, because it's a circle, my love for you will never end...With this ring I give you all my love, all my devotion, all my trust and by God's grace I hope to be everything God intended me to be as a mate."

Those were the vows Justin and I said to each other on our wedding day as we exchanged our rings - symbols of love and devotion, carefully chosen to one another's liking. I remember seeing the beautiful ring Justin had chosen for me the day he proposed and besides the fluttering in my heart I remember the feelings I had, thinking how well he really knew me -- to pick a ring that was so totally me!
We chose his ring to compliment mine and with the qualities he wanted. Unique yet masculine. No stones due to his line of work at the time but a design that was simple yet eye-catching. I love our rings!!
And now we have two more...

Justin received his Dad's ring right after he died in March of 2004. It was something to look at/wear and remember him by. Justin remembers seeing how smooth the ring had become over the years and recalls the story his mom told him about how his dad joked that he had worked twice as hard as she had - that was why it was worn down more. Justin thinks about all the things his Dad did in his lifetime and how capable he had been when he was healthy. His Dad was helpful, always giving of his time and abilities to have an effect on people in some way. He was a teacher, coach, husband, Dad, artist, wood-worker, carver...so many things to so many people.

Justin's parents, Sue and Gary were married in 1976 (I think) - 28 years until Gary passed away. Sue had always told me that as her first daughter-in-law, she wanted me to have her wedding ring someday. So, in February when she came for a visit she gave me her ring - the time had come for her to part with it. She hadn't worn it for some time but felt the need to keep it for a while. I was surprised when she brought it and gave it to me. I am thankful to have the ring as I know it means a lot to Justin to have these small symbols of his parent's love. So, though the rings are no longer on the fingers to which they were placed, they are together and complete - a forever symbol of love two people had for one another.

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Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Nope...didn't give up on you!

Loved this...and how special that you have both of these rings.