March 31, 2008

What a debate!

Okay, so I was on the MSN home page getting ready to log on and check Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, E-Mail etc when this article caught my eye: Top 10 Useless Body Parts. It was interesting that as I was reading, it was plain to see this article was clearly written from the science/evolution point of view. I was frustrated that an article I thought would be lighthearted turned out to spark such a debate on the MSN Coffee Break message board. This is a site I'd never visited before but given the topic and my realization that there would most certainly be a debate on it, I decided to take a gander.

WHOA! There are some really opinionated people out there. It made me sad to read the comments. Christians arguing their belief in God and others talking about their belief in evolution and opinions on what they refer to as "the 'theory' of Biblical Wacky-Doodieness" ... what? Really rude comments, from both sides.

Anyway, I was just hoping to find some funny anecdotes about which body parts serve no obvious purpose or seem to annoy us, but instead stumbled upon what turned into a debate about creation vs. evolution.


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