April 15, 2008

The "Get You!" Game

Sweet Mackenzie, it's amazing how her innocence and laughter from such simple pleasures can make my heart jump for joy!! The other day I spent an afternoon engaging in one of my favorite pastimes, playing with my darling daughter - as I do many afternoons. In our quiet, simple home the two of us can find moments where nothing else in the world matters. We can sit and relax while watching TV, roll about the floor tickling her silly little toes, tumble on the couches, play with her numerous toys or our most favorite...play "Get You" behind the love seat!

I captured these precious moments on film most recently because her face and laughter are the things of my heart I hope never to forget or take for granted. Nothing is more fun with my little one than seeing the anticipation that builds from the depths of her belly as I say, "I'm gonna get you!" and chase her behind the love seat where she becomes trapped between that and the sliding glass door. Her guttural growls turn in to full laughter as I sneak up behind her and tickle her collarbone (got that from her momma!), tummy and legs once there is no where else to get away to.

I simply love the sound of her laughter! Hearing that sound puts an instant smile on my face and her face shows proof of the pure joy she is experiencing in those moments.

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Anonymous said...

Amy, These pictures are so-o-o darling! I think I was on the phone with you when you were doing this. I can still hear Kenzie laughing when I look at these. She's laughing so much that she looks like she's crying in the one against the couch. So cute!!
Love ya, Mom