September 28, 2008


Due to popular demand...(and lack of responses) the contest has been extended until Friday, October 3rd.

I am still in need of a name for my handmade items (see prior post). So, if you'd like to enter, simply leave a comment with your naming suggestion. If you comment with a suggestion, your name will be entered to win a free Tote Bag!!

On Friday, Ocober 3rd I will toss all comments in a hat for the random drawing to win one of my tote bags for free!!

Again, be creative and thanks for the help!!
**Thank you Natalie for your suggestions...You're on the right track and I like your ideas!**


Meghan said...

I haven't come up with anything that would be even a little bit helpful to you, but I'm still thinking. And may I just say that your stuff is amazing! I'm suddenly considering having a third child just so I can order a whole set for myself. So cute!

(In the likely event that Nick doesn't go for the thrid child thing, I may still be interested in just the tote bag. Do you have prices posted anywhere?...If I start out by asking for another baby he'll totally think he's getting off easy when he ends up just having to buy me a tote bag.) :)

Michelle said...

The blue and brown fabric in your contest post is so pretty! Hmmm... I do have a few ideas, some silly:
"Kins Kreations" - like Kenzie-kins, get it? :)
Sew-made DeSigns (with that "S" capitalized as a play on your last name)
APE DeSigns (you could put a cute monkey in your logo!)
Kins DeSigns (okay, same words, just used another way... can you tell I'm running out of ideas?)

Angie said...

I think you should extend the contest again. Just kidding. That was funnier in my head before I typed it out.

Meghan is hilarious. I think Nick is getting a BARGAIN! Although the third child thing isn't cheap, it's fun. On the other hand, a tote bag would be sleeping through the night by now. Hmmm...

And with that, my suggestion to you is...


Clever, right? Okay, no. It's lame. I'll keep thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I love thinking up names for things. I bet Angie thought of "Bagzzzzz" because she's still so sleep deprived. I just got on here after my trip to MN and now I'm back to helping G'pa and G'ma so I'll help you think of a name too when I can and get back to you. Molly? I'll respond to your email too later today. How's that for multi tasking on Amy's blog?
Love ya,

Mo said...

Ugh, I am terrible at this, even with a week extension. Apparently creative naming is not my forte.

I've passed the time at work tonight pondering this quandary. Here is an excerpt from the notepad I've been jotting ideas down on...

"Babies. Totes. Toddlers. Tots. Tot's totes. Tot's trendy totes. Trendy totes for Tots. Totes tots trends. Totes. Trendy tots talking to toads with tusks and turbulant turquoise totes in Tuscaloosa.

Tot Trends."

Then I decided to stop thinking before my head exploded.

Mo said...

Sweet Styles

Stay-At-Home Styles

Tender Trends

Motherly Mode

*sigh* I give up. I've exhaused my Word thesaurus and nothing is jumping out at me (except maybe the tuscaloosa one).

ISM (Icthus Student Ministries) said...

I think Molly is Tuscalosing her mind.

Noooo, Moooom! I came up with Bagzzzzz because Amy's bags sleep through the night unlike the babies they're meant for. A selling point indeed. Although I AM sleep deprived, true.

I'm still thinking, Am. Do we have until midnight? And is that mountain time? Because I'm still in Cali, you know.

Angie said...

Oops... I was logged in as Gary! That was from moi.

Meghan said...

After reading Michelle's suggestions above I decided that I really like the idea of using the word "design" (with your last name such as it is). What about "Ensign's Designs"? (or "Ensign Designs").

Look at the time...

Meghan said...

hmmm...your blog seems to be on West Coast time. I guess I'll keeping thinking for another 56 minutes.

Angie said...

Oh dang it. I missed the cut off. I just know I'm going to think of the perfect name in my sleep tonight.

What about something like "Handmaiden Colorado" - get it? Like "Hand Made in Colorado" or "Handmaiden Heaven" (or Littleton? or HR? or ???)


Stuff by Amy
Sew WhatchootalkinaboutWillis?
In Stitches (because I keep you in them, right?)
Frayed Sew (like "'fraid so" but then maybe you'd have to start fraying things, which would work if you did a rag blanket or something)
Knot Sew Fast (can you come up with a project with knots?)
Sew What?
Sew Cute
Kneadles (you could sew up some bags to carry bread in... heaven knows I could use one or nine)
Pins and Needles
Needles and Stitches (hopefully people won't think you're in the hospital business)
Amy's Originals
Jeepyshaneepylu's Junk (wait that's my garage sale business)
Banana Taking a Bath
Pizza Box
Button Hole Productions
Chirping Cricket Creations
Spicy Sugar OR Sugar-n-Spice
Everything Nice
KREations (see kenzie's initials?)

Goodnight. (Not a name suggestion... I'm going to bed.)

Mo said...

When are you naming the winner? The suspense is just too much to handle here!