September 7, 2011

She's a MONKEY! (Preschool)

Kenzie starts her 2nd year of Preschool and she is SOOO excited!  We loved her school last year and are back again for even more fun! 
We found out this year she will be in the Monkey Class! 

I always knew she was a MONKEY!

Good thing there's Dress-Up!!  ...A favorite of this girl's!!

"K" for Kenzie!

Oh boy...

Kenzie's teacher this year... Ms. Erika!

First Day!

Bye, Mom! Ready to learn and play!
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Kylee Barrow said...

I can’t help but smile at Kenzie’s pictures! She’s really cute and adorable. :”> I can already feel her happiness and excitement just by looking at her genuine beam. How is she doing now?