January 3, 2012


(Left Side)
This piece of furniture is a great way for me to decorate and have some useful space for parties when needed especially since my home is quite limited when it comes to useful space.

Still, these shelves tend to become a cluttered mess of things I don't often use (or simply have too much of!)  This left side was a jumbled mess of vases, candles and candle holders.  It was well past time to thin them out.  I was able to eliminate several candles that were past their good burning hours, holders I don't like anymore and vases that haven't seen flowers in years (Ahem...Justin!).

I was able to make the top shelf vases (still in need of flowers!) and the bottom shelf candles that may get used.  I'll revisit this space again maybe 6 months from now and whatever hasn't been used is... outta here!!
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