February 16, 2013

Shoe-la-la! Kenzie turned 6!

It was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY at our house this weekend celebrating Kenzie in style! 
She loves this book, loves shoes and loves her friends...so we combined them all into one
The Theme was chosen... 
Invitations went out...
PaRtY TiMe!!!
As each girl arrived they began by decorating a puzzle piece for Kenzie - 
A one-of-a-kind puzzle to remember this fun party with her Kindergarten friends!
The food was all set...complete with "purse" and "shoe" shaped sandwiches
Dresses and Party gifts ready for each girl...
We started with story time...
"Party dresses, party hair, need new party shoes to wear! Shoe-la-la, they're everywhere!"
So...Let's make shoes!
Friends are like a GREAT pair of shoes...you can never have too many!!
All of the crafting made them hungry!
They were anxious to get to the presents - I've found the best way to do this to avoid the "excited chaos" is to have each girl grab the gift she brought.  One-by-one they get the chance to "give" their gift to the birthday girl!  It's a great excercise in "giving" and "receiving"...and keeps the party a little more interactive at the same time!  I love this...and I love hearing all of their manners!
"Happy Birthday, to you...!
Make a wish!
A silly group of spunky girls!
Group Photo Shoot...


And WE survived!


J Lowe said...

Hi Amy,

Can you tell me where you ordered the Shoe-la-la invitations? My daughter's birthday is coming up and I want to get them for her event. Thank you!


Amy said...

Hi Jessica!
Actually I made them! If you're computer savvy I'd be happy to send you the template to customize for yourself. Or, for a fee you can send me your info andnincan customize for you and even print/mail them to you if you'd like! Let me know!

J Lowe said...

You are amazing! Please send the template to jessklowe@yahoo.com. Thank you so much! -Jessica