October 22, 2007

Crazy days are a gift from God too...

...I have to remind myself of that when I have one of those days which it may have been better to just stay in my jammies and not face the busyness of the day. Today was one of those days. With great intentions I left the house to take lunch to Justin and spend time with him and Kenzie. Monday's are tough because he leaves the house SO early to catch the lightrail to work.

*sidenote-He does this because after work he has class, and since I'm a worrysome wife (I come by it honestly, mom) he succombs to my wishes and takes the lightrail so he's not walking back to his car left at work going through dark streets/alleys when class gets out. Thanks my love!

So, we ate our lunch and talked, smiled and giggled at Kenzie who so far was in a sweet mood. All was well as we said goodbye knowing we wouldn't see eachother until much later in the evening.

Now it was off to the next activity...meet mom, Abby, Angie and the girls at McD's. The plan was that I'd call mom when I was close.

I called...and called...and called. Hmmm, no answer. Let's try Abby. Ringing...Ringing...Voicemail.

Okay....Angie? Called...called...called, Voicemail. Great.

I did this again and again until they probably each had 5 missed calls. I left an exasperated voicemail on mom's phone...decided to drive through the parking lot of McD's- if they're not there I guess I'm headed home. What luck! They were there!! :) I joined in on the tail end of their lunch and listened (deciphered) the stories of an (almost) 4 year old's tales of Disneyland adventures and the agreements of her sweet two year old little sister, "Yep"...sweet Emma and Addie! ...Off to Ronald's Play Place...in and out, in and out- who's in the bathroom? Addie's stuck on the playground? Where's your sock Emma? Don't you watch your kids lady? ...Thank goodness for 8 month old's!! Kenzie can you stay this little?!
When it was time to say our goodbye's, the meltdown began. Shut the car door, turn the car on...and commence with the crying!! Oh boy...thank goodness this isn't a daily occurrance. I know well enough by now it was a combination of overstimulation and desperately fighting a nap- but what can you do? The meltdown continued, tears, screams, mommy loves (that seems to help a little-for both of us!) Finally a nap. 30 minutes later...in the middle of making dinner and waiting the arrival of friends...crying, again! Oh sweet Kenzie, how I'd love a nap! I got her up and settled her down for a snack as I finshed the final dinner preparations.
I guess a good mess cures any grumpy mood! What a silly girl! After such a crazy day, I still look at my beautiful girl and thank God for this precious gift...it's in the midst of the busyness, tantrums, meltdowns, crying and sobbing that I remind myself that I have the best job in the world! Just look at that face! So, thank you Lord for the crazy days too!

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Angie said...

It happened just like that - I was there!!!

Just give yourself a pat on the back for making it through. Some days are certainly tougher than others!