April 9, 2012

Easter Family Fun

Easter day continues with Family Fun at mom and dad's!  My Favorite day to celebrate also means my favorite dinner!  But not before the traditional family photo shoot...
My sweet 5-year-old beauty!
And my 1-year-old goof ball!
Easter Gifts from Grandma! 
(Thank You!!)

First year for the "KIDS" table!! 

Now...Let the EGG Hunt BEGIN!!

Grandpa's make a GREAT hiding spot!!

Daddy's are good for helping reach the high one's!
So many great places to look!!

Such fun! 
I love the laughter, the sharing, the adventure...what a beautiful day to celebrate and remember all that Jesus did for us on the cross!  Our family is fantastic and we are blessed to make such wonderful memories together!  Our day wouldn't be complete without the chaotic "cousin" picture to commemorate the day...

 And the "out takes"... Our sweet Easter babies!

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